Light beer "№ 4 Standart" is a beer with pronounced hops flavor and aroma. To give a distinctive taste to this type of beer, the malt of the “Viennese” type is also added to the Pilsen light malt used. Its exceptional character is due to German and Czech light-bitter hops, which creates a balanced taste. Alcohol 4.2%, initial wort density 12%.

​​Dark beer "№ 7 Naybaşy"– a lager beer of Belgian origin. Sweet, with an elegant ruby color, light caramel flavor with a moderate tipsiness and warming strength and perfectly balanced aroma of hops. To produce this beer, special grades of high-quality German made raw materials are used. This beer is the pride of our brewery. Alcohol 4.7%, initial wort density 14%.

Varieties of our beer

Due to the latest automated technologies of the Hungarian company “ZIP Technologies Ltd.” beer production become much easier. Each stage of production, packaging, materials and the process itself is of high quality.

Light beer "TACH" is a beer of full malt taste, golden color, with tasteful hops bitterness and magnificent foam. A real barley beer brewed according to the requirements of the German law on the purity of beer production of 1516. It recommends using only four components for brewing good classic beer – malt, hops, yeast and pure water. Alcohol 4.2%, initial wort density 12%.

Light beer ZIP No. 5 classic is a lager, light beer of light straw color, with a restrained aroma of German hop varieties, with a soft full taste. Alcohol 4.0%, initial wort density 11.5%. It is made from light barley malt and, to give a unique taste, a small amount of rice is added. Well suited as a soft drink and fulfill your thirst in a hot weather.

Non-alcoholic beer "TEŞNE", "SEYRAN" is a very modern invention. It appeared in the 70-ies of the XX century and is becoming increasingly popular beverages, in many Muslim countries and especially among young people. In connection with these, our brewery for the first time in Turkmenistan established the production of non-alcoholic beer called “TEŞNE” and “SEYRAN” and uses only natural raw materials. This beer is produced in 0.5 liters and 0.32 liters glass bottles and draft. It is not only a drink with non-alcohol content, but also with good organoleptic characteristics. Color – straw-yellow, with a clean, malt flavor, with a light hop aroma, without side odors with a pleasant saturation of carbon dioxide, and good foam resistance. 

Lager – beer prepared with the use of bottom-fermented yeast: fermentation takes place at a lower temperature, during fermentation the yeast settles down.

Wheat beer
– to brew that kind of beer, at least 50% of wheat malt is used with the use of top fermentation yeast: yeast stays on the surface of beer wort at higher temperatures.

The most delicious beer is a beer served chilled!

The most optimal temperature for beer is +8°C.

Light and dark wheat beer (unfiltered) – unfiltered wheat beer with a peculiar aroma and taste of young wheat. Quite pleasant and light. High foaming. Very carefully selected tender hop bitterness. In production, only high-quality German wheat and barley malt is used, as well as aromatic hops. Usually, wheat beer is served unfiltered and is considered a typical summertime beer. It is drunk chilled, but not very cold, so the complex taste qualities of such beer can be revealed. Alcohol 4.2%, initial wort density 12%.