Mahmal Zip Economic society is a young, successful and growing company that produces and markets soft drinks in Turkmenistan. The Company's products are already very popular due to its wide range of high quality beverages.


Our beverage production factory is located in the economic zone of Abadan in the suburbs of Ashgabat.  It utilizes the latest European technology using modern high-tech equipment supplied by leading manufacturers in Germany, Italy and Poland.

Mahmal Zip Economic society is a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan.


All our drinks are made from high quality raw materials. We use modern technology to produce beverages from only natural ingredients imported from Europe.

Currently, our Company produces 38 types of drink. The most popular to date are:

Kvass - Kvass is one of the most widely known and popular soft drinks in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Kvass is an extremely healthy product, has a unique taste and aroma. It has high energy value and perfectly satisfies thirst due to the content of acids, and the carbonic acid contained in kvass helps food digestion, absorption and raises appetite.

Traditional kvass is produced by incomplete alcohol fermentation and milk fermentation of wort and contains no more than 1.2% of ethyl alcohol.

ES “Mahmal Zip” produces high quality NATURAL KVASS in 1,5 and 0,475 liter PET bottles and 0,5 liter aluminum cans.

Mohito – World famous Cuban cocktail with lime and mint, is remarkably satisfies thirst, is traditionally considered as a classic bar drink. The combination of sweet refreshing citrus and mint make this cocktail one of the most popular summer drinks.
ES “Mahmal Zip” produces Mohito in 1,5 and 0,475 liter PET bottles and 0,33 liter aluminum cans.

– This drink made Reyhan (basil) was very popular in Central Asia since an ancient times. A refreshing drink with an original taste and aroma perfectly satisfies thirst and make you feel refreshed.

Technologists of ES “Mahmal Zip” were the first in Turkmenistan to develop the formula and launched the non-alcoholic beverage Reyhan.

Reyhan is produced in 0,475 liter PET bottles and 0,33 liter aluminum cans.

Sinalco - German brand with a worldwide reputation and more than 100 years of history now introduced in TURKMENISTAN! The bright and unforgettable tastes of Sinalco Cola and Sinalco Orange, time proven and recognized in more than 85 countries around the world, are now also available to Turkmen consumers!

ES “Mahmal Zip” is the only licensee of “Sinalco” in Turkmenistan for production and distribution of their drink. To date, Sinalco Cola and Sinalco Orange are produced in1.5 and 0.5 liter PET bottles and 0.33 liter aluminum cans.

Our annual production levels attest to the popularity of drinks produced under the Mahmal Zip brand, whose sales are growing year on year. We will continue to add new varieties to our range.

Slogan of the company is:

– Taste every drop


To contact us over the phone, please call
(+99312) 33-31-10, 34-75-22.

You can also reach us at