“Biyat” economic society is one of the largest beer producers in Turkmenistan. The company for many years has been producing beer under the popular trademark “ZIP”. The company’s products have huge and growing popularity among the population of Turkmenistan due to high quality and affordable prices, and the assortment of types and brands of beer is expanding every year.

Raw materials quality 

The main raw material for beer production is malt, hops and yeast. Malt is the cornerstone in the temple where beer is born and is a grain of cereals germinated under artificial conditions and then dried at a certain humidity and temperature.

Hops are a curling perennial. Only its cones are used in beer brewing. After harvest, the hops are dried and can be used as cones, ground granulated and hops extract. Hops is a constituent of the specific taste and aroma of beer, increases shelf life, promotes better beer clarification and foam formation. 

Our enterprise values its reputation and buys from abroad only high quality raw materials. The main supplier of malt is the German company “BrewTrade GmbH”, of hop, yeast and fossil meal comes from German, French and Belgium companies. Bottles, cans, caps also come from foreign reliable suppliers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Turkey

About us

Biyat Economic Society started to produce beer in a small factory on the outskirts of Ashgabat in 1996.  The original Brewing equipment was purchased from the Hungarian company Zip Technologies Ltd: Hence, the name of our beer main brand “ZIP”. Since then, year on year, our Company has increased production capacity, improved quality and extended its range of products.

For a long time beer was imported to Turkmenistan from Russia, Turkey and other countries. The quality of domestic beers used to be lower than imports. This situation changed dramatically in recent years. One of the main objectives of the development strategy of the Biyat Economic Society was to improve the quality of its products. As part of that development strategy, the Company applied for and received five credit loans from the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. This helped to finance projects which have succeeded in increasing production capacity, improving product quality and implementing modern production technologies.

​Contact details

You can contact us by phone: (+99312) 34 09 10, 35 07 03

​Sales department:
(+99312) 34 09 30

Or write to us at: biyat@zip.tm