"Aýrak" ensures customers a continuous reliable supply of high-purity, completely traceable CO2. That is why Turkmenistan’s leading soft drink producers and bottlers choose to trust “Aýrak” for all their carbonation needs.

What is Carbonation?

Carbon dioxide brings freshness and fizziness to your soft drinks. CO2 is a key ingredient in the production of soft drinks, mineral sparkling water or any non-alcoholic beverages that require fizz.


Tel: (+99312) 33-31-10             E-mail:mahmal@zip.tm

Ayrak is a company which provides carbonation solutions for the beverage industry in Turkmenistan.

The company has been the leader in many of the improvements to existing practices that have now become the standards in CO2 industry. This development, together with its dedication to continuous improvement, ensures each application is given the latest technology.

Located near ZIP brewery facility in Ashgabat, the plant supports the ongoing expansion of the brewery, enabling it to address supply bottlenecks through in-house generation of liquid carbon dioxide gas. Aýrak helped Biýat more than double its peak production capacity.