“Armagan” economic society produces classic socks from high quality Turkmen cotton. Turkmen cotton yarn types used as feed stock are Ring Ne 20/1, Ne 24/1 and Ne 30/1. It employs British “Bentley Komet” sock knitting machines and Italian “Conti Complett” sewing and linking machines for sock manufacturing.

“Armagan” also produces leggings and long socks in accordance with client demand. Its socks are especially comfortable during summer time due to its use of high quality cotton yarn.

The brands “Armagan”, “Bahar” and “Diplomat” are designed for maximum comfort and hygiene. The company’s standard products are 80% cotton and 20% polyamide or lycra which assures elasticity. “Armagan” can also produce 100% cotton socks upon client request and its products are color-fast.

The company’s commitment is to exceed your expectations, bringing you the most comfortable soft socks, ready for anything, whatever your lifestyle.


Tel: (+993 12) 34-12-99               E-mail: armagan@zip.tm